Sander Kleinenberg of BLACK NEON

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One of the original Dutch superstar DJs, Sander Kleinenberg is revered globally in the electronic scene. Tracks like ‘My Lexicon’, ‘The Fruit’, ‘This Is Miami’ and most famously ‘Can You Feel It’ created a defining legacy and led to him
remixing music’s biggest names, including Madonna, Daft Punk, Gwen McCrae, Jamie Cullen, Justin Timberlake, Audio Bullies, LANY, Halsey and more. With an ever-eclectic ear, his musical taste spans everything from quirky disco, psychedelia and Detroit techno to straight up soul and industrialism, gifting his music a fluidity and
flexibility that gives it its signature Kleinenberg sound. BLACK NEON brings him full circle in his quest to produce
pop music, the Dutch legend finally fulfilling his early desire to create a super collective with the ability to straddle every genre, producing contemporary yet timeless perfection.

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